What is Wild Radish?


Wild Radish is an eclectic little studio where you can book a massage or stock up on some of your favorite DIY natural ingredients and supplies.


Our mission is to create a base camp for busy, health conscious individuals with a passion for independence & freedom from packaging and excess waste.  Whether you are an experienced DIY'er or simply looking for the inspiration and confidence to go a little greener, we have your basics.

Store Hours

Thursday & Friday | 10am - 5pm     Saturday | 12pm-5pm


Massage by Appointment

Whole Ingredients


Take control of what is in your bath and body products.  Simple DIY bulk ingredients for your favorite home care recipes.

Zero Waste Goals


Bring your own container, buy a snazy new glass jar, or snag one from our take a jar leave a jar bin.

Healing Touch


As hard as you try to take care of yourself, we are bombarded with stress and negative influences.  Sometimes our bodies need a helping hand.

Wild Radish Studio

1507 Division Street

Redding, California 96001

530 638 4709

Store Hours

Thursday - Friday | 10am - 5pm

Saturday | 12pm - 5pm

Massage by Appointment